Tutorials Moving Forward

I was asked a couple of times what I plan to do for all the tutorials on the other site, and what do I have planned for the tutorials on this one. Well let’s take a look at it. As far as the older tutorials on the old site, I have not really Unity Game Engine Logodecided what to do with all of them. Since they are on YouTube (as well as a few other places) they are not really going away. I may do an update to a few of them and add them to this site when I do.

As far as the tutorials that others have done, I am not going to host those this time around. At least that is my plan for the time being. This does not rule out a special external resources area later on. Just for the time being, I want to just focus on getting some new stuff up. Once things are stable here, I will then take a look at the old site and pick what I want moved over. Eventually I will just archive the site.

New Tutorials

As far as the new tutorials, I want them more modular. Smaller series that can to snap on to one another. As stated before, they will be on YouTube. The site will be in full swing by the time Unity 5 is live. Once I have had some time to play with Unity 5, I will start doing some tutorials on the feature that it brings. Fun times ahead.

more-youtube-logo-6-150x150Right now, the first new tutorials that I am planning are not Unity based. I have at least one coming out on how to use GitHub to enable social coding. I figured it would be the first one since we are moving our tutorials over to GitHub. After that I would like to cover a few other apps that I have used over the past year and found interesting. As a bit of a teaser, one of them was Corona SDK. Great app for making 2D apps and game for mobile. It also has had a few really exciting new releases lately.

Well that is about it for now. I do not want to say much more until I get a few more things nailed down, but those are my immediate plans for now.