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Starting with the start of 2017, we will be having a new video everyday here at BurgZerg Arcade. The topics can range from everything Game Development related, to topics on Maker projects.

So comeback everyday to see what we are going next!

Introduction To Game Development

Welcome to your very first game — FPS — using the Unity Game Engine. In this course, we are going to take a look at how to get up and running in Unity while we create our first game ¬†— FPS — because we are awesome!

Remember that silly memorization game from the 80s with all the flashing lights and beep bop sounds? Well now is you chance to annoy a whole new generation of players with this Simon Clone.

Simple Simon Clone

Dodge your way through the asteroids in this high energy experience, as the enemy droids relentlessly chase you down in your hunt for the mothership.

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