2D Split Screen Car Racer In C#

The main purpose of this series is to help the people that want to use C# in Godot instead of using gdscript.

Project Files On GitHub

Install Godot For C# Development
Let’s install Godot for C# Development. There are rally only three things that we need. Here is how we set it up.
Godot 2D Car Controller in C#
Godot 2D Car Controller made with C# using the mono version of the Godot Engine and Visual Studio Code as the Code Editor. I really like this Car Controller, so I am porting it to a C# Godot Engine Tutorial. There will be a few edits in later videos, but
Godot Autotile Tutorial - Godot TileMap Bitmasks & Colliders
Godot Auto Tile feature allows us to implement TileMap BitMasks and Tile Map Colliders automatically when create a new 2D level in out Godot projects. All we need to get started is a sprite sheet with some sprites that we want to use for our race trace and a copy
#1 Way To Stop Players From Skipping Part Of Your Track - Godot Engine Tutorial
In this Godot Tutorial., I want to cover how to stop players from skipping over parts of your race track. This can be annoying to game developers when not intended, but there is a easy fix for this. Checkpoints. Let’s take a look at how we can implement a simple
Godot Turorial - Lap Counter GUI, Custom Events, Global Signals
In this Godot Tutorial, we are going to create a custom global signal so we can trigger our GUI to update the lap counter as well as tell the car to stop taking user input when the race is over.
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